Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q:  Can I change my email address?  

A: Yes. You can change the email address that you use when you log into SigmaPay and that SigmaPay uses to contact you. To change your email address, log on to SigmaPay using your old email address. From the link menu, click Edit Profile and then select Edit email. Follow the on-screen instructions to change your email. See Changing Your  Email ID.

  1. Q:  What if I forget my login /user name?

A: Your user name that you originally registered with is your email address.  If you forget which email address you used when registering, you can contact the client and they can provide you with this information.

  1. Q:  What if forgot my password?
    You can have a new password emailed to you. Go to the SigmaPay login screen.  In the login area of the screen, click the Forgot your password? link. Follow the instructions to complete the fields. A temporary password will be emailed to you. See Replacing a Forgotten Password.

  2. Q:  How will I know if a recurring credit card transaction fails to authorize?
    An email notification will be sent to your email address. This message will alert you about the failure and will include an explanation of why the transaction failed. A representative from your client will contact you to correct the problem.

  3. Q:  How will I know if I am correctly set up for recurring payments?
    After you set up recurring payments, SigmaPay will send you a detailed email with the schedule of payments. If you notice any problems with the schedule, notify your client immediately.

  4. Q:  Will the status of the contract be verified prior to initiating a recurring payment?
    Yes. SigmaPay will verify that your contract status is ”r;active” in the client system before making a payment. If the client has changed your account status to ”r;inactive” or ”r;paid off,” SigmaPay will not process the payment and will send you an email indicating the reason for not processing the payment.

  5. Q:  Can I change my banking information or credit card information in the sigma?
    To change account information in SigmaPay, you must remove the account that you want to change and then add it again with the correct information. For detailed instructions on removing an account, see Removing an Account. For detailed instructions on setting up an account, see Setting Up Payment Accounts.

  6. Q:  Can I view previous payments even if they were not processed in SigmaPay?
    Yes. All previous payments are recorded in SigmaPay. To see your payment history, click Payment History in the link menu. See Viewing Payment History.

  7. Q: Can I reprint a receipt for transactions not processed in SigmaPay?
    No. Ask your client to provide receipts for payments not made in SigmaPay.

  8. Q: Can I change my mailing address in SigmaPay?
    Your mailing address can be changed, but you cannot make the change. Address changes should be emailed to the client.  The client will change your mailing address in SigmaPay.

  9. Q: Can I make payment s against charged-off or inactive accounts?
    No. Such payments have to be made directly at the client.

  10. Q: When will one-time payments be processed in SigmaPay, and when will they reflect against my account?
    To determine the cutoff time, contact the client. Payments made after business hours will be processed the next day. For instance, if the client’s cutoff time is 11 p.m., and you use SigmaPay to make a payment on Thursday at 11: 05 p.m., the payment will post the next day.

  11. Q: Is my credit card / personal information secure?
    Yes. This information is stored as encrypted data in the database. All data is processed through a secure, encrypted site.